Allen Park, MI: City tightens pit bull laws (BSL passed)

ALLEN PARK: City tightens pit bull laws

By Rene Cizio
The News Herald
Wednesday, December 24, 2008 10:57 AM EST

ALLEN PARK – Pit bulls have been banned from the city for now – at least the bad ones.

[…] Pit bulls licensed with the city by Feb. 1, 2009, are allowed with restrictions.

No new pit bulls are allowed. […]


3 responses to “Allen Park, MI: City tightens pit bull laws (BSL passed)

  1. Why not just legislate that the poor animals teeth have to be removed,maybe cut off its legs,probably
    the large head might still scare some of the wimpish master race humans.You are all sicko’s.
    Anyway Drunken Driver’s,Murderer’s,Drug-Dealer’s
    Rapists,Paediophiles, welcome to Allen Park we the council and the law authorities have done our work
    for 2009 we will not have time to address you as we
    all are going to be worrying about the Scourge of the
    Pitbulls not quite sure why but it is definitely easier,

  2. Was looking at the introduction sent by google alert,the description Muscularly built,large head,broad shoulders and agility,could be describing Arnold
    Scwarzennegger,luckily for him he walks on 2 legs,otherwise he has the attributes of a Banned creature.

  3. I am having a problem with the city, they gave me 7 days to get rid of our pitbull of 7 years which is like a family member. I was first told if I get her micro chipped then she could be registered.
    I got the chip done and asked the ordiance what was the next step and they told me that since she wasent grandfathered in or whatever before b 09 that we cant keep her or get her registered. We lived here in Allen Park for about 6 months now and the letter telling us to remove our dog was the first we ever heard of this. My question is how can I fight this, what are the steps??

    Is there anything we could to do keep our dog? I dont know where to turn I lost my job and very little money and cant afford $500 tickets or an attorney, not even if I was to sell everything I owed. If I could raise a few thousand I would sell anything and everything I owe to save her.

    This is unbelievable an Allen Park congress women sadly had two small dogs which one died and the other was seriously hurt and required surgery, the attackers were two mixed pitbulls. Go after the owners instead of having pitbulls and other breeds banned. I had my pit attacked by two pits when I lived in some apartments and I grabbed one of them by the throat and held the dogs apart while a friend held the other and the owner asked me what you dont let your dog roam.

    I dont deserve to loose my dog I am always responsible when it comes to her and keeping her secure to prevent any problems. I will admit 7 years ago before I rescued her from a bad owner I was a bit worried to own a pitbull because of all the BS but now am a pitbull lover and would honesty not want any other breed.

    I would appreciate any advice anyone would could offer, we are trying to stay strong but I am emotionally beaten and disgusted and dont know how much more I can put myself, my family and our dog through.

    Please any advice, anything??