Saginaw, MI: Whispers of BSL

The entire article below is rather unclear. Essentially, Buena Vista, MI, has breed-specific legislation but has not been enforcing it (why not?). Following a dog attack, Buena Vista has decided to enforce the ordinance.

Driven by fear, the neighboring city of Saginaw is now interested in pursuing BSL, possibly a ban on pit bulls and Rottweilers.

Contact information for the city of Saginaw–please keep your correspondence polite and informative.

City Hall, 1315 S Washington Ave, Saginaw, MI 48601
Phone: (989) 759-1400
Fax: (989) 759-1607

Joyce Seals, Mayor,
Larry Coulouris, Mayor Pro-Tem,
Greg Branch,
Dan Fitzpatrick,
Amanda Kitterman,
Amos O’Neal,
William G. (Bill) Scharffe, Ph. D.,
Paul Virciglio,
Andrew Wendt,

Addresses in a block for easy copy and paste:;;;

Thomas H. Fancher, City Attorney, 1315 S. Washington Ave., Rm. 110, Saginaw, Michigan 48601
Phone: (989) 759-1550
Fax: (989) 759-1564

Next City Council meeting: March 23, 6:30 PM

Want to speak at the next meeting? Fill out and return this form by 1 PM on the day of the meeting:

Buena Vista Township will enforce vicious dog’s ordinance. Saginaw will examine adding teeth to its ordinance

by LaNia Coleman and Justin Engel
The Saginaw News
Tuesday March 10, 2009, 8:45 AM

Buena Vista Township Police Chief Brian D. Booker says he knows he’s going to get a lot of complaints about the township’s vicious dog ordinance, but he’s willing to put up with the protests to make the township safer.

[…]”A pit bull is considered a vicious dog,” Booker said. “We may get some complaints, but that’s what the ordinance says. That’s it. Period.”

[…] [Saginaw councilmember William] Scharffe said he’s asked Thomas H. Fancher, City Hall’s attorney, to look into banning pit bulls or Rottweilers.

[…] [Saginaw] Councilman Paul T. Virciglio said City Hall should look into banning dangerous animals “before someone becomes a victim.”

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