Troy, MO: Pit bull ban passed

Troy board bans pit bulls, owners have 60 days to register current dogs

Bob Simmons

In an unanimous vote Monday evening, the Troy Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance prohibiting the ownership of pit bulls within the City of Troy. This followed several complaints of these dogs running loose and a fatal attack on a pet dog by two pit bulls.

In the ordinance, the board of aldermen ‘finds that pit bull dogs are dangerous and potentially hazardous to the community because the breed possesses characteristics of aggression, strength, gameness, viciousness, predaceousness, unpredictability and savageness not possessed by other breeds of dog.’

The ordinance further defines the “pit bull dog” the Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier breed and any mixed breed of do which contains an element of these breeds.

Current owners of these breeds residing in Troy may be kept but must registered with the city within 60 days and outline specific measures of how the dogs must be leashed, housed and muzzled when they are outside the animal’s enclosure or pen. All structures erected to house pit bull dogs must comply with Section 205.060 of the city code. Within 60 days, owners must display in a prominent place on their premises a sign using the words “Beware of Dog-Pit Bull” and a similar sign on their pen of the animal. Proof of public liability insurance in the amount of $100,000 for bodily injury or death also must be presented to the city. Owners must also provide city with photos of the dog and must microchip the animal prior to registration. Any offspring of registered dogs must be removed from the city within eight weeks of the birth of such animal. […]

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