Hutchinson, KS: Incident prompts call for ban on pit bulls

Nothing official has been proposed. Please send polite, informative, helpful correspondence to city officials to explain why a breed ban would be unsafe, unjust, and unnecessary.

Next city council meeting: August 4, 9:00 AM

City Council Administrative Contact
Phone: 620-694-2611
Fax Number: 620-694-2673
Physical Address: 125 East Avenue B, Hutchinson, KS 67501
Mailing Address: PO Box 1567, Hutchinson, KS 67504-1567

Bob Bush, Mayor – Northeast District
4904 Cottonwood, Hutchinson KS 67501
Direct Phone: 620-664-6820

Cindy Proett, Vice Mayor – Southeast District
513 E. Sherman, Hutchinson KS 67501
Direct Phone: 620-662-5605

David Razo, Council Member Southwest District
114 West 12th, Hutchinson KS 67501
Direct Phone: 620-662-8037

Ron Sellers, Council Member Northwest District
3400 Thunderbird Dr., Hutchinson KS 67501
Direct Phone: 620-662-9510

Trish Rose, Council Member – City-at-Large
18 Countryside Drive, Hutchinson KS 67502
Direct Phone: 620-663-5113

While reading the article, please keep in mind: Mr. Glass has confused “nice, young couple” with “responsible dog owners.” Being nice and young does not a responsible dog owner make.

Incident prompts call for ban on pit bulls

(Hutchinson News, The (KS) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge)

Aug. 2– […] Now, Glass hopes the city of Hutchinson will take up the issue of a possible pit bull ban.

“Personally, I’d like to see the law changed on pit bulls,” he said. “I’d like to see them banned. There are several other towns that have done it — I don’t know why we can’t.” […]

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4 responses to “Hutchinson, KS: Incident prompts call for ban on pit bulls

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  2. Well i have a pitbull and i just got fined for it and its a really good dog… i was raised with pitbulls all my life and never had them bite me or anyone else i think this law is a joke. My dog is great with other animals and ppl… In that case if there is a ban on pits then all dogs should be banned cuz no dog should be judge because the stupid things stupid ppl do by miss treating their animals… There is alot of ppl that are trying to help these dogs and not kill them how they do in liberal, KS… All dogs can turn on ppl and their onwers, not just the pits all the pits that i have had i never use for illgeal activity…. Im a proud Supporter of the PitBulls And i hope ppl can see from my point of veiw…

  3. I completely Agree with you Brian. I have had small dogs and big dogs, my mom had a German Shepard and he was the Greatest dog ever, protective and loving and his best friend was a Chihuahua! lol. It is like Banning all Mexicans or all Arabians from America because the ones that have harmed others or murdered someone! You can’t blame the entire species of any race or whatever it may be because some people use animals in the wrong way, beat, mistreated, or even neglected! What happen to the laws of animals not being chained up?! I am trying to help my mom, her dumb chihuahua bit her neighbor who Walked into her fenced yard and opened her door and said where’s my mom?! She was stormy about it and prob scared them and made them nervous this lady is in her 30s and her mom is like 60, she can’t go to my moms and visit? She had no right to just walk in and be like that. My mom switched vets and can’t find the vaccination papers so they took her dog for 10days! But they have a dog in a Fenced yard on a 6′ Chain 24/7 that barely gets food or water and lots of people have called animal control and they refuse to do anything they say the dog is FINE! Isn’t there a Law that they have to get excercise and off the chain once in a while? I am NOT going to stop until I get through to the cops and animal control of this town, we have 6 GOOD Cops and they always send us the assholes that don’t care about the welfare of anybody if they can make 130$ off my mom by taking her dog!!

  4. I agree to the fullest. I’m from Liberal,ks where they will kill your pitbull if your the type of individual that will allow them to push you over. Pitbulls have been banned here since 1989, not because they were viciouse or because of an attack on someone, but because several older individuals most of whome are no longer around here anymore use to fight them. There has never been one pitbull attack to date here in Liberal, but the law continues to harrass and treat pitbull owners like scum of the earth if your caught with one, but yet the number of rottweiler, chow, and non pitbull mixed attacks continue to climb every year, with no ban on these breeds. In one incident back around 90-91, an 8 or nine year old kid was killed by akitas here in Liberal, severely mauled and mutilated to death and you can go anywhere in this town with an akita at the end of a leash with no problems from the law. No bans been passed, no restrictions for owning a rott, chow or akita has come into affect even with all the attacks they continue to contribute to. Is it me or is it just a blatant case of hatred and targeting of the APBT. Any dog can be lethal no matter the breed, and I speak from experience. Just like in a murder case, or even an attempted murder case where the weapon used was a gun. The gun does’nt stand trial nor does it get punished for being a gun. It’s the man or woman behind the gun thats held responsible as well they should. Why blame the gun, blame the gun owner or operator who has control of it when the crime took place. Case and point- a gun wont do anything wrong unless it’s in the wrong persons hands and they squeeze the trigger. The same goes for a pitbull. There are many cases where a badly bred pitbull was sold and placed in a home and went on to attack and act out, not because of mistreatment or abuse. When non ethical backyard breeders get hold of these animals and do a couple generations of bad and ill tempered breedings with inferior stock these are the results you get. True breeders like myself put temperment, before looks and color because in these days where such a noble breed is looked at like the enemy, we have to strive to make sure the apbt truly is mans best friend.