Mashpee, MA: Copy of proposed ordinance (pit bull ban)

How an Ordinance Passes in Mashpee, MA

The proposed ordinance to ban pit bulls will be voted on by the entire voting community in Mashpee during their fall Town Meeting (Oct. 19). If the majority approves it, it will pass. If the majority does not approve it, it will not pass.

How to Stop Passage of the Ordinance

Because the community will be deciding whether to pass the ban, locals and others are needed in Mashpee to educate and inform the community.

If you are a local in Mashpee and you do not want this ordinance to pass, get involved! The community needs to know about the moral, ethical, financial, and legal problems they are facing if the ordinance passes. They need to know that this ordinance will not make their town safer. They need to know that viable non-breed-specific alternatives exist.

You can spread these messages in a variety of ways.  Flyers, mailouts, handouts, rallies, information booths at fairs or events, and so forth may be effective. Hands-on, face-to-face communication with locals will be necessary. Mashpee locals probably know what  methods work most effectively to spread information in their town.

You may also speak during the Town Meeting on Oct. 19, before the proposed ordinance is voted on. However, it may be too late by this time to change minds if an effort has not been made to educate the public prior to this date.

If you would like to organize a group, or are organizing a group, to educate and speak against the ordinance in Mashpee, please leave a comment here to let others know how to join you.

Read the Proposed Ordinance

Copy of the proposed ordinance to ban “pit bulls” from Mashpee can be downloaded here (PDF): Proposed Pit Bull Regulation, Mashpee

Of interest:

Section 1, “Purpose,” gives a number of myths and stereotypes about pit bulls as the reason why Mashpee needs this ban.

Section 2 defines “pit bull” as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, any dog of mixed breed displaying physical traits of one or more of these breeds, or any dog exhibiting distinguishing characteristics that conform to AKC or UKC standards for any of these breeds. A veterinarian, animal control officer, or “other qualified person” may identify a pit bull. A DNA test may exonerate a dog.

Section 3 bans all new pit bulls from town, but grandfathers existing pit bulls, provided that only one pit bull lives in each household. Visitors may also bring pit bulls into town for dog shows, but they must get written approval from the Board of Selectmen, and they must “have obtained all other permits or licenses required by by-law.”

Section 4 describes requirements the pit bulls that are grandfathered in. This includes a special license and a liability insurance policy to cover the pit bull, in the amount of either one or two million dollars. The pit bull must also be spayed or neutered. Pit bulls must be contained in a “fenced enclosure from which the dog cannot escape.” When off the owner’s property, the dog must be leashed and muzzled. If the dog has a litter of puppies (not sure how, since pit bulls must be altered), the puppies are either euthanized, or the owner must permanently remove them from town upon weaning.

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One response to “Mashpee, MA: Copy of proposed ordinance (pit bull ban)

  1. We will be hosting a Meet and Greet with Lula, a certified therapy pit bull, this Saturday, Oct 17th from 10-2pm at Hot Diggity in Mashpee Commons. Lula has over 250 nursing home visits to her credit.

    We are hoping a visit with Lula will help dispel the myth that all pits are bad dogs.

    Please spread the word!