Sarnia, Ontario, Canada: Pit bull law unevenly applied

Pitbull law unevenly applied

The Observer

If Maddi and Carter lived in St. Clair Township they probably wouldn’t be on death row.

But they live in Sarnia where animal control officers say they resemble Staffordshire bull terriers or pitbulls and are illegal.

[…] In Sarnia, animal control officers don’t require a complaint to pick up a dog they believe is banned. If the officer deems it a pitbull, the onus is on the owner to prove otherwise.[…]

But just down the road in St. Clair Township, no dogs have ever been euthanized under the law.

[…] St. Clair Township deputy CAO John DeMars agreed his municipality doesn’t enforce the pitbull law.

“It’s provincial legislation and therefore should be enforced by the OPP,” he said.[…]

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