New South Wales, Australia: Black market for pit bulls flourishing

How do you make a type of dog desirable with the wrong crowd?

  • First, ban it.
  • Then, write articles using stereotypical mythology (“deadly dogs,” “powerful jaws, muscular bodies and fierce loyalty,” “ferocious reputation,” “killing machines on leashes”).
  • And be sure the article mentions the gobs of money you can make by breeding and selling the illegal dogs.

Black market for pit bulls flourishing

By Chelsea White
The Daily Telegraph
September 05, 2009 12:01am

People openly defying rules on pitt bulls
Black market in deadly dogs flourishing
Some sell for $2000

[…] Even pit bulls bought before the breeding ban are subject to restrictions and compulsory sterilisation, with the aim to make the dog extinct.

But investigation by The Daily Telegraph found dozens of pit bulls available for sale.[…]

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One response to “New South Wales, Australia: Black market for pit bulls flourishing

  1. Maybe you should research your stories more Chelsea before you start badgering a beautiful breed. I bet you have never ever met a pitbull in your life.Sure these dogs are available for sale and breeders went underground to prevent being prosecuted and having innocent harmless dogs euthanised. But writing a story about this and trying to expose the issue further in my opinion is pretty weak honestly do you think these people are selling there dogs for the wrong purposes all they are doing is trying to preserve a breed they love like any dog breeder would. And the reason for the high prices is to drive away the type of people that will turn them into vicious dogs most of the breeders you describe in your story raise there dogs with there children and other pets to insure their dogs have the right temperaments and are normal puppies like any other. I know because i have owned these dogs in the past and have found them to be nothing but gentle loving dogs. This becomes evedent when you watch them play with a child they are so tolerant and gentle and handled by the right personality of people are the most obedient eager to please loyal and loving dog you could ever own bar none.The breed will live on in australia it is all very well for the media to discredit the breed as much as they want but the fact of the matter remains that the breed is far to popular in Aus to never be stopped it will jst go deeper underground if necessary so how about instead of negative media coverage go and find some responsible pitbull owners and go and meet there dogs im sure you will change your mind about the breed and you will see what i mean.It is the media and bad reports that have caused the public to fear a breed that they know nothing about only what they have been told. From what I know about pitbulls you better watch out when your near one because it might lick you to death. (there favourite thing to do, that and lying on your bed)Thanks for your time.