Elgin, IL: Pit bull owner to plead breed’s case

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Pit bull owner to plead breed’s case

September 9, 2009
By MIKE DANAHEY mdanahey@scn1.com

ELGIN — Joe Remijas and his dog Taysia recently made their 700th therapeutic pet visit in the Elgin area.

On Wednesday night, Remijas intends to address the city council during the public comments portion of its regular meeting, in part to advocate that dogs such as his pit bull are not banned one day from Elgin.[…]

Full article retrieved 9/10/09 from http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/couriernews/news/1760177,3_1_EL09_06COUNCIL_EL_S1-090909.article


3 responses to “Elgin, IL: Pit bull owner to plead breed’s case

  1. Interesting how they label it violent attacks and yet in the related story no one was killed. Its small things like this that to anyone else may seem ok but to us responsible owners we take it to heart. Often times regarding pit bull related stories certain details are left out of the story such as living conditions,people actions prior to being bitten etc. We need to address the problem of irresponsible owners here after all its humans who are supposed to be responsible for them correct?
    Lets not punish the dogs for the stupidity of those that raise them and BSL laws dont work and are very costly,ultimately it wont solve the problem just keep them out of the hands of those of us who chose to raise them properly and be advocates for the breed.

  2. The people who let their dogs run loose is EXACTLY what is wrong with the breed– the irresponsible owners! Not only do I have a pit bull, she is a trained therapy dog! If I lived there, could I no longer have pit bull therapy dogs?

    This whole BSL thing is absolutely ridiculous. Pit bulls are the sweetest dogs I have ever encountered, but like any dog (or human for that matter) they must be raised correctly! All BSL is is doggie racism. Once we stop, where will it end? Will we be like Italy and ban or restrict 92 breeds of dogs? It’s ridiculous and discriminatory towards loving pet owners and wonderful pets like my self and my dogs.

  3. So if a certain race of human cause more violence and crime than others should we ban them or would that be unethical ??? Kind of bull shit that u can do it to animals just because there owners are irresponsible pieces of shit who can’t take care of a dog ” mans best friend” dogs a bred and born loyal to there owners and shouldn’t be punished
    because a stupid person thinks it’s cool to have a mean dog, and why don’t the papers publish articles about little rover the labrador or chihuahua biting little Tommy???