U.S. Marine Corps: “Pit bulls,” Rottweilers, and wolf hybrids banned from base housing

Although this article is geared toward Beaufort, SC-area residents, the Marine Corps orders apply to all U.S. Marine Corps base housing.

Marine Corps puts certain dog breeds on a short leash when living on base

Published Friday, September 11, 2009

Beaufort Marines have until the end of the month to get the Corps’ permission to keep their Rottweilers and pit bulls on base — and then only for another year.

Without the waiver, they have to give up their dogs or move off base, according to a Marine Corps order last month.[…]

Full article retrieved 9/14/09 from http://www.islandpacket.com/news/local/story/963856.html

7 responses to “U.S. Marine Corps: “Pit bulls,” Rottweilers, and wolf hybrids banned from base housing

  1. Clearly the AMCC doesn’t understand that not all pets are aggressive. And in light of this announcement, they are hardly a “pet-friendly community”.

  2. Today I found out that Quantico base (in Va) isn’t even going to honor a CGC.

  3. Christine Larios

    How long until they ban dogs altogether? This is horrible!

  4. AirForceBlonde

    I fricken HATE that the bases have banned these breeds. It’s so so so so so stupid. With all due respect to anyone with influence in this area, you need to do your damned research. Stubby, the most decorated war dog and a MARINE war dog at that, was a pit bull and you are dishonoring his service to our country. Shame on you.

  5. The original Marine bulldog was an American bulldog, not the stunted English mess of Frankenstein genetics it is now. The American bulldog comes from a line of bulldogs that were used to breed pits.

    Now, instead of coming down hard on the owners, they ban the dog. Why am I not surprised? This, after all, is the same military that does nothing about expanding cat populations on base but deny people the ability to feed them. This is the same military that doesn’t follow soldiers to their next duty station and press charges when these soldiers abandon pets in the old on-post apartments.

    Heaven forbid the human being is held responsible. No, let’s just take the lazy way out and leave many good dogs – who protect their families when the soldier is deployed – to the mercy of the animal control people who take it.

    If I was told to get rid of my American bulldog or pit mix, I’d move off post. And not re-enlist.

    Micro-managing jackasses.

  6. We live on base, so are American bulldogs banned?if sooo I wanna cry!!!!!!!!

  7. My husband and I live on base and we were one of the first to get the waivers for my rottweiler and the test to me is a little too much. They had strangers grabbing my dogs feet and ears she had to respond to strangers commands she had to sit and stay while I walked ten feet away, she had to greet another dog (which bit her) and be left with strangers for a minimum of two minutes ohhh and walk past a kid banging pots and pans to test her reaction and she passed with flying colors.

    My problem with the rule is that my dog passed a test that most dogs wouldnt be able to and she is still banned. I feel as though they should go off of the dogs bite records and give all dogs living on base and if they pass allow them to stay. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers have a bad reputation by unresponsible owners but poodles and dalmations are two of the top aggressive breeds but you never hear anything on them, As a matter of fact a Lab tried fighting my dog while we were on a walk and my dog sat there and allowed this dog to push her with her nose and growl at her and show no aggresion but my dog is banned and that dog isnt?? That is what I dont understand…