Sarnia, Ontario, Canada: Dogs to be released by city

Sarnia is having quite a bit of trouble identifying banned dogs; this is an example of why appearance-based laws don’t make sense. Identification of a “pit bull” is arbitrary and subjective.
This is a followup to previous story:

Dogs to be released by city

The Observer

Three dogs mistakenly believed to be pit bulls, and sentenced to death by the city, will be set free this week.

Puppies Maddi and Carter and their father, all three boxer mixes, were seized by city animal control officers in early September. According to a provincial law, any dog resembling a Staffordshire bull terrier must be destroyed because the breed is banned.

[…] “I wouldn’t put it as a mistake,” he said. “Animal control staff are vigilant about what they perceive as similar characteristics. For those that aren’t actual breeders it probably isn’t an exact science.”

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