Fremont, OH: Pit bull ban suggested

Nothing official has been proposed. However, city councilmembers are discussing the possibility of a ban on “pit bulls” in Fremont. Remember: the state of Ohio already considers all “pit bulls” to be legally classified as “vicious dogs.”

There will be a town meeting on the issue at City Hall on October 15 at 6:30 PM.

Fremont Law Director Bob Hart, who is pushing for the ban: 419-334-2908

City Councilmembers’ Contact Info:
Mike Koebel, 419-334-4231 home, 419-332-5300 work
Jim Melle,
Larry Jackson,
O. Duane Simmons,
Rick Root,
Jim Weaver,
Karen Wagner,
Don Nalley,

A transcript of the city council meeting can be found here:

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