Clairton, PA: Clairton City Council Meets Over Pit Bull Problem

A similar story — “Clairton Task Force Will Sink Teeth Into Dog Problems” — at (with a 2-minute video) downplays breed specificity.

Contact info for city officials:
City of Clairton, 551 Ravensburg Blvd., Clairton, PA 15025

Remember: BSL is already in place in Clairton. Correspondence should seek to educate about the flaws with their current system, suggestions for a better ordinance, and to dissuade from a breed ban.

Clairton City Council Meets Over Pit Bull Problem

Oct 9, 2009 1:50 pm US/Eastern

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― […] Meanwhile, the city of Clairton is beginning to crack down on pit bull and other dog owners.

“We have not really been pushing this ordinance, but it’s time that we start getting strict with the ordnance,” said Clairton Mayor Domenic Virgona. “Everyone having a dangerous dog such as a pit bull and Rottweiler and so on must register their dog with the city of Clairton. They must also be on a leash and if they’re going to walk the dog on the street, it must be muzzled.”

Also, the mayor says that anyone who disobeys that ordnance will face a $500 fine. The mayor also says that a ban on pit bulls in the future is not out of the question.[…]

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One response to “Clairton, PA: Clairton City Council Meets Over Pit Bull Problem

  1. We are working on this situation. As far as I know, state law still trumps local. This “ordinance” is illegal.