Sioux City, IA: Dog owners go to court against dangerous dog ordinance

‘It’s just a bad law’: Six owners take their fight to court

Molly Montag –
Posted: Saturday, October 10, 2009 10:30 pm

SIOUX CITY — […] The Clouds, along with at least five other dog owners, have recently filed civil suits in Woodbury County District Court against the City of Sioux City to overturn the vicious designations and spare their animals from being euthanized.

In March 2008, councilman unanimously approved an ordinance that essentially says dogs should be euthanized if they bite someone and are declared vicious. Dog owners are responsible for paying for the euthanasia and, unlike in the past, they do not have the option of moving their dogs to a home outside Sioux City.

The lawsuits claim city officials who upheld the dogs’ vicious designations during hearings and earlier appeals acted arbitrarily, wrongfully believing they didn’t have any discretion when making those decisions. […]

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One response to “Sioux City, IA: Dog owners go to court against dangerous dog ordinance

  1. Wow, I just read this article that I just “happened” to run across! I am going thru the same thing, but in Beach Park, Illinois. They won’t release my pit because she’s been caught “roaming” 3 times. In otherwords, she got out of the yard. We’re expected to find a home outside the city limits, spay her, etc.,, but can’t have her back. I’ve been in tears literally and feel so bad for “Roxy” who is three years old. They took her to the pound November 24th 2009 and I have court tomorrow morning. I think I should be taking the City to court also, but don’t know of a lawyer that fights this kind of situation. Plus, the cost of everything…I’ve spent already over $1500.00 trying to save her and it’s not over yet. I wish you the best and feel your pain.