Pewaukee, WI: Village seeks data for vicious dog law (BSL whispers)

It looks like the Board is not leaning toward BSL. However, they may appreciate some non-breed-specific alternatives that will work for their community.

Scott Klein, Mayor
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Dale Noll
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Cheri Enters
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Michael Hasslinger
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H. Roger Hathaway
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Village seeks data for vicious dog law

Local law may not be deterrent, attorney says

By Jim Stevens
Posted: Oct. 12, 2009

Village of Pewaukee — […] At the board’s Oct. 6 meeting, Village Administrator Scott Gosse reported there were three options the board could look at: a breed-specific ordinance that would prohibit certain breeds in the village, an ordinance that is based on repeated incidents by the same dog, and referring to state statutes, which the village currently does.

Gosse and several board members were opposed to a breed-specific ordinance. […]

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