Dandridge, TN: BSL not passed, City Council to start over

Previous articles on Dandridge, TN: http://stopbsl.com/?s=dandridge

The second article seems to indicate that a breed-specific ban may yet be passed.

Pit Bull ban fails at Dandridge council meeting

Posted: Oct 13, 2009 8:45 PM

DANDRIDGE (WATE) — The Dandridge City Council rejected a proposed ban on pit bulls and will start from square one on the issue.[…]

Full article retrieved 10/14/09 from http://www.wate.com/global/story.asp?s=11309831

(A a one-minute video story at the following link includes several seconds footage from the meeting.)

Pit bull owners celebrate temporary victory against ban

Some pet owners are celebrating a victory, but it may be short-lived since a townwide pit bull ban is still a possibility.

Jim Matheny Updated: 10/14/2009 1:08:18 AM Posted: 10/13/2009 9:01:16 PM

After listening to more than an hour of passionate pleas from pit bull owners Tuesday night, the Dandridge Board of Aldermen voted to ditch its proposed regulation on pit bulls and start over from scratch.

Tuesday night was the third and final reading of the proposed regulation that would have banned any new pit bulls within town limits. The regulations would have also required owners of existing pit bull to obtain at least $50,000 of liability insurance.

Read previous WBIR story from September 15 for full details.[…]

Pit Bull ban fails at Dandridge council meetingPit Bull ban fails at Dandridge council meeting

Full article retrieved 10/14/09 from http://www.wbir.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=101793&provider=rss

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