Mashpee, MA reminder: Entire town to vote on “pit bull” ban, Oct 19, 7 PM

The entire town of Mashpee, MA will hold their fall Town Meeting on October 19. At that time, the voters will decide whether to pass a “pit bull” ban.

The Town Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM at Mashpee High School, 500 Old Barnstable Rd.

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One response to “Mashpee, MA reminder: Entire town to vote on “pit bull” ban, Oct 19, 7 PM


    MSPCA opposes Mashpee’s breed-specific dog bylaw
    Opinion — October 16, 2009

    On Monday, residents at Mashpee town meeting will vote on a proposed pit bull ban ordinance.

    Thankfully, the board of selectmen has already voted unanimously against this breed-specific legislation (BSL), which is a misguided attempt to protect Mashpee’s human citizens from truly dangerous dogs of any breed. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) opposes BSL; prevention of dog bites is more complicated than simply focusing on one breed of dog.

    Breed-specific laws are not effective. They do not affect dangerous dogs of other breeds and they unfairly brand all dogs of a particular breed, regardless of their behavior, as dangerous. Many such laws have been challenged and overturned on constitutional issues.

    The true cause of dog-related threats to public safety is pet owner irresponsibility. More effective approaches are increasing fines, classes on dog ownership and obedience training, and mandatory sterilization of dangerous animals.

    Dog bites can be prevented by increasing animal control, dog licensing compliance, and reporting loose dogs; passing an ordinance to minimize dogs bred irresponsibly and indiscriminately for aggression; and limiting tethering, a known factor in dog bites.

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    Linda Huebner

    Deputy director, advocacy