Kitchener, ON, Canada: Dog owner pleads case to save pet’s life

Dog owner pleads case to save pet’s life

October 14, 2009

By Terry Pender, Record staff

KITCHENER — […] Carroll told the committee the lab traits in Charlie are stronger than the Pit Bull traits. Carroll also said Charlie appeared to be friendly.

But mainly because of the size of the dog’s head Carroll designated Charlie a Pit Bull-like animal that was banned and would have to be destroyed.

[…] “Based on the evidence the committee is rescinding the designation which means you are free to license your dog, no restrictions. Thanks you every one,” Lawrence said.[…]

The whole process has left Simpson shaking his head.

“Because they didn’t like the size of his head they wanted to kill him,” Simpson said.[…]

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3 responses to “Kitchener, ON, Canada: Dog owner pleads case to save pet’s life

  1. I don’t know why the DNA test would be thousands of dollars. Here in the US the price has dropped significantly. One of the more expensive (and accurate) is just a bit over $100.

    Please someone pass on the linked news article to Mr. Simpson so that his Charlie’s life might be spared.

  2. Crystal, according to the news article, the city committee ruled that Charlie is not a “pit bull” and can stay in the city.

  3. I was charged back in 2004 under Kitchener law, such a stupid law, I was registered as a great Dane. Anyone ever heard of a 12 year old Dane that stands 2 feet tall?

    A member from Toronto has introduced a bill that will amend the breed specific section of the Ontario ban.
    It has received 1st, reading. In plain English we have about 8 months to pressure the government to listen.
    Despite the fact that dog attacks are up since the ban was enacted, the government insists their law is necessary even though it hasn’t been the mysterious pitbull breed thats been doing the attacking.
    Watch the net for petition asking for ownwership laws, and push your MPP towards ownership laws not breed laws.