UK: Campaign launched after pet seized under Dangerous Dogs Act

Yet another case in a string of breed-identity problems that have hit the news lately. I’m not familiar with the DNA test mentioned below; I do not know of any DNA test currently available (in the U.S.) that can identify purebred American Pit Bull Terriers (American Staffordshire Terrier is as close as it comes).

For folks who are wondering, “8 stone” is approximately 112 pounds. The dog in question is extremely large. Purebred male American Pit Bull Terriers do not typically exceed 70 pounds.

Campaign launched after pet seized under Dangerous Dogs Act

Published Date: 15 October 2009

A HUGE campaign has been launched to save a pet dog from a death sentence after he grew into an illegal pit bull.

More than 1,500 signatures have been collected on petitions across Leith as four-year-old Leo is held on Death Row after being seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Leo’s owner, Craig Cunningham, 33, who lives in Fort House, said he had no idea his kind-natured pet was an American Pit Bull Terrier when he bought him as a 12-week-old supposed Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed – and is urging the police to spare his life.[…]

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One response to “UK: Campaign launched after pet seized under Dangerous Dogs Act

  1. There is no DNA test for the APBT. Even those claimed for other breeds are apparently inaccurate. Go to our website if you will (, and on the home page is a link to the Wall St Journal article re two different dna test results for the same dog, and links to discussions I had with two separate facilities offering these tests. emails from them in answer to my questions are reprinted there.
    I have it on good authority that George Sofronidis from GE Technologies in Australia also states that there is no DNA test for Pit Bulls.
    It may be that the owner has got it wrong, but it may also be that he has been misled by officials – an abuse of office known as ‘malfeasance’. If the latter is the case this is outrageous and should be investigated urgently.
    Does anyone know how to contact Craig Cunningham?