Denver, CO: What happens when animal control can’t identify a “pit bull”?

Westword is on a roll. Follow the link below to read an excellent article about the recent Denver hearing involving the misidentification of a supposed “pit bull type” dog.

In Denver, Animal Control decides which dogs are pit bulls. But what happens if they’re wrong?

3 responses to “Denver, CO: What happens when animal control can’t identify a “pit bull”?

  1. Pit bulls have rights as well as humans do!!!!!!!!!!! PIT BULLS are not the bad ones, they deserve to live without being discriminated! the ones that are bad are the animals that train the pit bulls to fight each other and if they dont then they will be treated cruely. I think that there should be a stronger law against animal brutality and it should be enforced strictly because dogs are not just to buy and have in the house as a watch dog, they are companions to their owners. They also help people with stress problems, I can be used as an example because when I’m depressed and i look into my dog’s eyes they look so joyful and innocent that i end up forgeting about the reason i was stressed out. You should not go through with BSL because if you ban the right to own a pit bull you wont only be hurting the people and the dogs themselves, but you will be hurting the communities as well because, think about it, most thieves dont go into properties because they are guarded by a powerful watchdog such as the pit bull.

  2. Brandon Clifton

    You are totally right Audrey. They should stop BSL!!! I really think they shouldnt punish the poor animlas for the owners’ stupidity, I mean wtf is their problems having their dogs fight for money?! If they want to get some money they should get a legit job and stop abusing these poor dogs! I, personally, love dogs! Especially when it comes to pit bulls, I think they are the most amazing dogs in the world! they are so cute and on top of that they are the most powerful. I understand that when someone hears the name “Pit Bull” they are frightened because the pitiful owners that make them fight gave them that reputation. Overall I demand that DSL should not go on because its not the dogs who make their decisions in life it’s their owners.. I bet if you gave them to the right owner he/she would be the most friendliest dogs. Just give them a chance! Take them away from those damn retards that train them to fight and give them to people that would love thme and care for them like they love and care for us!!!!

  3. I am against BSL. For the fact that if people say that pit bulls are violent dogs because of there massive strength. Than poodles should be banned aswell infact any dog. Dogs do what they are trained and there is no reason to bann one breed because then they should bann all animals. One day I was online and out of curiosity I looked up animal fights and found that pit bulls are not the only animals used in fights. I also saw horse fights! So are they going to bann horses? Are they going to bann all the rest of the animals? Pit bulls deserve love and affection! Just because people decide to be a-holes that doesnt mean that every one should suffer. I love pit bulls and always will be for them and not against them.