Elgin, IL: Don’t ban pit bulls, residents plead

Please note, this is an opinion piece; however, there is a scarcity of news coming from Elgin regarding the proposed pit bull ban, so I will take what I can get at this point. Rumors are flying, nothing official has been presented, and city councilmembers have not gotten back to me when I request confirmation or denial of rumors (apparently, they aren’t saying much to anyone). At least one councilmember, John Prigge, refuses to listen to facts or information from anyone outside Elgin.

Previous alerts and contact info for Elgin: http://stopbsl.com/?s=elgin

Don’t ban pit bulls, residents plead

October 16, 2009
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[…] At Wednesday’s Elgin City Council meeting, about 30 people showed up to protest a proposed pit bull ban by the city council. Two councilmen, John Prigge and Bob Gilliam, have openly advocated a pit bull ban.

But many residents said pit bulls aren’t bad dogs, they’re family.[…]

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4 responses to “Elgin, IL: Don’t ban pit bulls, residents plead

  1. I’m grateful for your work on this site. I work in Elgin (and live in a nearby city) & this is the first I am hearing of this legislation proposed so close to home. We got a blue pit from a rescue group about five months ago and she is just great. I will keep my eye on your site & Facebook page and do what I can to ensure that more people in the future will have access to this much-maligned, but so-wonderful breed.
    JAA http://mattersoftaste.wordpress.com/

  2. A followup article:
    Animal shelter to Elgin: Don’t ban pit bulls

  3. they r banning pitbulls in my city when stupid people who run the country cant do math there is a few deaths a year caused by pitbulls and nearly half a million by cars pitbulls r loving dogs the nicest loyalest easy to train dogs but we got stupid people an gangs making the dogs look bad if pitbulls or bad we should ban guns car knife hammers stairs swords plastic bags tape we r banning pitbulls when we should be the blame when people see litlle stray chichaus and pomparanians min pins they think ahhhh its cute lets adopt it but when people see pit6bulls its ewwww lok at that ugly stupid stray about 5000 pitbulls day every day when it takes a pitbull 3000 years to accoplish that the first dog to help america in war was a pitbull name stubby he helped us we forget about and turnt on the pitbulls will kill a few things every now and then but people have seasons for killing animals for no reason like deer how many times did u see a deer bite some one wat human fear human destroy and when the destoy pitbull they gonna get all of them like the other day i saw a stray blue nose pit i played with him one boy was yelling at his sister to get in the car one lady yelled and scream a week later i saw a stray german shepard mix every one played with and it bit me and my friend and now my 23 month old pit might have to go and people got there myths about pitbull none of them i heard are tru they loc there jaws wat kind of sense that make that one kind of breed can loc there jaw but none other can and they dont feel pain if u believe that u should realy go back to kinder garten they turn on there owners more chichaus have turned and cars turn all the time they have the strongest jaw force lie and they are only googd for fighting if a pitbull fought a mastiff that pitbull would look like a rag doll the only reason people use them for fighting is because there loyal want to please there owner and easy to train people who fear them dont no a thing about mikel vick had 64 dogs all got adopted but 2 one was sick the other was mean one was became 1 of the only pitbull therapy dog and i am 11 years old born july 28 1998

  4. i think it is wrong just to ban them just because they look mean and just because the owners make them mean by abusing them and treating them wrong its not the dogs fault its the owners fault