Goshen, IN: Elkhart may be role model for animal control laws (whispers of BSL)

City council meets at Council Chambers, 111 E. Jefferson St., Goshen, IN. Next city council meetings: 7:00 PM on November 17 and December 1.

Contact info for city officials:

Mayor Allan Kauffman
202 S. 5th St., Goshen, Indiana 46528
Phone:(work) 574-533-9322
Fax: 574-533-3074
Email: allankauffman@goshencity.com

DISTRICT 1, Precincts: 2,4,7,24,114
Darryl Riegsecker
704 Reliance Road, Goshen, IN 46526
Phone: 533-6248
Email: djrindiana@verizon.net

DISTRICT 2, Precincts: 1,6,16
Harlan E. “Chic” Lantz
807 W. Plymouth Ave., Goshen, IN 46526-2609
Phone: 533-0160
Email: chiclantz@verizon.net

DISTRICT 3, Precincts: 3,5,17
Dixie Robinson
1106 Highland Dr., Goshen, IN 46528
Phone: 533-4495

DISTRICT 4, Precincts 8,10,13
Julia A. Gautsche
601 S. 7th St., Goshen, IN 46526-4013
Phone: 533-0778
Email: jgautsche@hotmail.com

DISTRICT 5, Precincts: 11,12,14,15,19
Everett J. Thomas
1817 Woodgate Dr., Goshen, IN 46526-6456
Phone: 533-6143
Fax: 535-6050
Email: EvBarbThomas@aol.com

Thomas Stump
823 S. 7th St., Goshen, IN 46526
Phone: 533-8400

Jeremy Stutsman
212 W. Jackson St., Goshen, IN 46526
Phone: 533-0845
Email: stutsmancouncil@verizon.net

Elkhart may be Goshen’s role model when it comes to animal control laws

Published: 11/4/2009 12:00:00 AM
Last Updated: 11/3/2009 11:41:06 PM
By: Josh Weinhold
Elkhart Truth


The topic of a dangerous animal ordinance came up in discussion among Goshen City Council members Tuesday evening, but the group decided to gather more information and take a wait-and-see approach.

[… Mayor Allan Kauffman] suggested, though, that the council may want to see what Elkhart decides “and then modify it for our use.”[…]

Full article retrieved 11/5/09 from http://www.etruth.com/Know/News/Story.aspx?id=497423

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