Genesee County, MI: Whispers of BSL

This is a very poorly-written, unclear article that hints that Genesee County, MI, or some of the cities/towns inside the county (Flint? Mt. Morris?) may consider BSL of some sort.

Follow the link to read the whole article.

Too violent for society? Pitbull debate rages in Genesee County following serious attacks

Despite the headline, only two attacks were mentioned in the body of the article. One was serious. One involved taking a child to a “clinic” for unspecified reasons. And a third incident mentioned left a dog dead, but no one was injured and it was unclear whether the dog was actually attacking anyone at all. In all cases, loose dogs were involved.

Also note that a few of the photos feature a couple of local “pit bull” breeders that play into the “thug” stereotype and raise non-breed-standard dogs. They offer this gem of wisdom, indicating they don’t really understand why dogs bite at all: “Half the time, if a pitbull gets out and bites someone it’s just because it’s hungry and has been mistreated by its owners.” We really don’t need “friends” like this in the fight against BSL, and the media should not hold these types of people up as “experts.”

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