Tasmania, Australia: Tougher Controls on Dangerous Dogs (BSL passed)

The following dogs are now considered “restricted breeds” in Tasmania. There are special requirements for owners of these types of dogs:

(a) dogo Argentino;
(b) fila Brasileiro;
(c) Japanese tosa;
(d) American pit bull terrier or pit bull terrier;
(e) Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario;
(f) any other breed, kind or description of dog whose importation into Australia is prohibited by or under the Customs Act 1901 of the Commonwealth.

Read the entire Dog Control Amendment Act 2009 here: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/tas/bill/dcab27o2009243/


Tougher Controls on Dangerous Dogs

[…] Changes to the Act include:

• Stronger control measures on dangerous dogs, including child-proof enclosures of a minimum standard.
• Stronger provisions for councils to seize and detain dogs.
• A new noise abatement notice process to tackle problem barking dogs.
• A new classification of restricted breed dog with stronger control requirements.
• Mandatory de-sexing of restricted breed dogs and dangerous dogs.
• Restrictions on selling and exchanging dangerous and restricted breed dogs.
• Compulsory micro-chipping of all dogs.[…]

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  1. Just like the Tasmanian tiger. . . . you should be ashamed Tasmania . Just because you don’t understand the breed you wipe them out. I am now ashamed to call tasmania home.