Livonia, MI: City council to discuss a possible “pit bull” ban, Dec. 7

In November 2008, Livonia considered BSL, then dropped the idea in favor of non-breed-specific dangerous dog laws, then dropped the entire issue altogether.

Now they are looking at a “pit bull” or “dangerous breed” ordinance yet again.

When: Dec. 7, 2009, 7:00 PM
Where: City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall,
What: Agenda Item – 1. CR 508-08 Subject of a proposed Ordinance banning pit bull dogs and/or dangerous dogs in the City.

Contact information for Livonia City Officials:

Laura M. Toy, Council President
(734) 466-2257

Terry A. Godfroid-Marecki, Council Vice President
(734) 466-2252

Joe Laura
(734) 466-2255

James C. McCann
(734) 466-2254

Brian Meakin
(734) 466-2253

John Pastor
(734) 466-2258

Thomas Robinson
(734) 466-2256

3 responses to “Livonia, MI: City council to discuss a possible “pit bull” ban, Dec. 7

  1. Tiffany Collom

    I live in Livonia and have for my entire life. I own and rescue pitbulls and other bully breeds. If they pass this ignorant ban I and meny people I know plan on moving out of the city. It is stupid to ban a dog just because of its breed. DOWN WITH BSL . Have you people ever even been around a “pitbull” if not feel free to contact me you can come meet mine she is 9 years old and has never and i repeat NEVER bittin or even show signs of aggression yes I know they are capible of it but if you raise you animal right you will not have these problem. DONT BAN THE BREED BAN THE IGNORANT PEOPLE.

  2. Actually if anyone attended the meeting then they would know that it is not a BSL at all. But a Vicious dog ordinance revision. I know the title was misleading but it was not an attempt to ban pits.

  3. i live in tucson az. i am from the livonia area. ive been gone from there a long time but i think that trying to get rid or banning this breed is wrong i have two wonderful pitbulls here and i tell you they are the most gental dogs ive ever seen .i think that it is all in the way you raise them i could make a poodle mean if i did not treat them right .what about all the little gangbangers out there on the streets may you should put a ban on them .