Send Holiday Cards to Your Lawmakers

The holiday season is a great opportunity to gently remind your lawmakers that they need to keep dog owners–especially those with breeds or mixes that are typically targeted by BSL–in mind when they’re writing legislation and voting on it.

Include them in your holiday card recipient list, and in your card, enclose a nice photo of your family and your dogs. (You don’t have to write anything political in the card; just sign and mail.)

It’s a simple gesture that reinforces the idea that you are a caring, concerned, active citizen—and it humanizes you. This makes it more difficult for lawmakers to discriminate against you.

Send a card to your state senators and representatives at a minimum; you might also consider local representatives like your city council or county commissioners.

Find your lawmakers’ contact info through a Google search.

One response to “Send Holiday Cards to Your Lawmakers

  1. i have 3 beloved dogs (pit bulls) my fear is that my familys pets will suffer for bad and irrsonsable owners thank you for the info in this site