Mobridge, SD update: BSL passed

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Dog Law Debate

Erich Schaffhauser
12/04/2009 10:03 PM

[…] Mobridge city council recently passed a law that doesn’t ban pit bulls but does single them out.

Pit bull owners are required to have $250,000 liability insurance and a sign warning people they have a pit bull. They also need to keep a pit bull fenced or kenneled if it’s running around outside.[…]

But the Mobridge law is tame compared with one passed by a public vote last year in Leola.

There, the law bans a handful of breeds. The city passed it after complaints of Rottweiler and German shepherds running in the streets. Concern also rose when a meter reader in a North Dakota town was a dog attack victim.[…]

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2 responses to “Mobridge, SD update: BSL passed

  1. got an email from CAO regarding Uhrichsville, OH is considering a ban on Pit Bulls first reading is 12/30. There was no link to article nor can I find it.
    CAO is Canine Advocates of Ohio, Shana Klein is founder, their website is It’s not pretty, but you might find more there.

    • Hi Celine,

      Thanks for the info. I also got the alert about Uhrichsville. I’m trying to confirm facts before passing it on, especially since I’m unable to find the article either.