UK: Dangerous dogs law is a mess, warn campaigners

Dangerous dogs law is a mess, warn campaigners

Dog attacks and number of people taken to hospital have doubled since 1991 act, activists say

Helen Carter, Sunday 6 December 2009 21.07 GMT

[…] Clarissa Baldwin, the Dogs Trust chief executive, said: “By banning certain breeds of dog rather than focusing on tackling anti-social behaviour it has not prevented a large number of dog attacks or reduced the number of pit bull terrier-type dogs in the UK. Since that act was introduced. the number of hospitalisations is reported as having doubled.”

[…] “If people have bull breed-type dogs they find it difficult to walk them and they will often not be allowed at training classes when they are legally held, exercised and treated by vets.”

[…] The pit bull was made illegal under the Dangerous Dogs Act, along with Japanese tosas, fila brasilero and dogo argentino. The only way they can be allowed is if the owner obtains a certificate of exemption from a court after having the dog neutered, insured and a transponder implanted and an identification tattoo.

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