Miami-Dade County, FL: Woman flees Cutler Bay home to keep banned dog

Visit the article link for a video about efforts to fight BSL in Miami-Dade.

Note: this article contains several inaccuracies, such as the suggestion that communities in Texas have “pit bull” bans in place.

Woman flees Cutler Bay home to keep banned dog

A woman left her Cutler Bay home rather than give up her dog, an outlawed pit bull in Miami-Dade County.

South Florida News Service

[…] Miami-Dade residents are banned from owning pit bulls. Any dog fitting the physical characteristics of a pit bull by more than 51 percent may also be banned.

[…] “This ordinance, basically, is the version of racial profiling,” said Dahlia Canes, a founder and director of the coalition. “It is discriminatory. It is unjust. Thousands of innocent animals are targeted on a daily basis in Dade County.”

Kathy Labrada, investigation supervisor for Miami-Dade Animal Services, said the criteria used to determine if a dog is a pit bull is based entirely on appearance.[…]

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One response to “Miami-Dade County, FL: Woman flees Cutler Bay home to keep banned dog

  1. I’d like to see more places ban pitbulls. Every single day I read the paper, there is a mauling/killing of someone by a pitbull. I walk each day in a park that is dog friendly. My dog and I are most careful as there are now several pits being walked with their owners. I have noted they are rather agressive as well. They were bred to fight bulls for goodness sakes. They have such strength in their jaws and are extremely unpredictable. I definitely do not like being around them. I also have had dogs my entire life. I have never known anyone to own a pit or a noticeable pit mix.