Florida: HB 543 now in committee

Update 1/22/09: HB 543 has a companion bill in the Senate, SB 1276, proposed by Senator Anthony Hill. I will update when that bill is assigned to committee. Thanks to ADBA for this notice.

Florida state law prohibits municipalities from passing breed-specific legislation. HB 543 would remove that prohibition and make it possible for any municipality in Florida to pass BSL.

HB 543 has moved to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Committee.

Florida residents, please contact the following members of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Committee and ask them not to recommend HB 543.

Click here for list of committee members with access to email forms for each member: http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/sections/Committees/committeesdetail.aspx?SessionId=64&CommitteeId=2470

Williams, Trudi K. (R) Chair
Mayfield, Debbie (R) Vice Chair
Bembry, Leonard L. (D) Democratic Ranking Member
Boyd, Debbie (D)
Brandenburg, Mary (D)
Bullard, Dwight M. (D)
Burgin, Rachel V. (R)
Crisafulli, Steve (R)
Evers, Greg (R)
Glorioso, Richard (R)
Heller, Bill (D)
Kreegel, Paige (R)
Patronis, Jimmy (R)

The committee members will hold at least one public hearing on the bill before voting on it. If they vote to recommend the bill, it will move to the House for a full vote. If they do not recommend the bill, it will die in committee. The goal, therefore, is to prevent it from leaving committee. This is the easiest way to stop a bill.

Previous alert for HB 543: http://stopbsl.com/2009/12/31/florida-hb-543-would-remove-statewide-prohibition-on-bsl/

Tracking page for HB 543: http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Bills/billsdetail.aspx?BillId=42937&BillText=dogs&HouseChamber=H&SessionId=64

12 responses to “Florida: HB 543 now in committee

  1. I just read about a couple of Pit Bull Terriers that only barked at someone riding past on a bike. That person complained and a Judge ordered all the dogs be euthanized! My God, I have Maltese that would have done the same thing. Would the judge also order that my 4lb barkers be killed?!? Profiling, and BSL is WRONG!

  2. Sheila Lieberman

    BSL does not work. Miami Dade is proof that it does not work. Being a responsible dog owner is all that works. Law breakers will break the law regardless. Making more laws fails to even begin to help the real problem. The real problem is that any dog can be made to bite, or not trained to behave.

    I don’t know the right answer, but I do know that BSL will not work. Some the of nicest dogs I have met are dogs of breeds that would be banned with no regard for how good or bad the owners are.

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  5. Come out and show your support for the breed at Okeeheelee Park 7500 Forest Hill Blvd West Palm Beach, FL on Feb 20, 2010 from 9:00-11:00 am, for “Pit Bulls on Parade.” We hope to have news media coverage. We will be spreading the word about both HB & SB that are endangering our beloved bullies.

  6. Nancy Thrimball

    Unfortunately it is sad but true that people who own pitbulls or any dog that is aggressive cannot be educated. I have seen this over and over again. They refuse to get educated because it is too much like “work” to train their dogs. What they need to do is pass the law that makes it illegal to tie a dog out. This is what makes most dogs crazy and aggressive. I presently have neighbors who tie out their pitbulls and these dogs are going crazy because they are not getting the love and attention that they need. The neighbors WANT THEM TO BE VICIOUS.

    The landlord is currently working on them (i hope) either getting rid of the dogs or moving because they are constantly barking (due to no one spending any time with them) and this an annoyance to the neighbors which our landlord does not allow.

    I am against BSL, but really what else can they do because these people want the dogs to be vicious and they will continue to treat them badly.

    • Nancy, when your community has strong anti-cruelty and anti-neglect animal laws, you don’t have these kinds of issues. If you see cruelty or neglect happening, call animal control.

  7. Breed specific legislation does not work. Instead of putting tax payer’s money into “enforcing” such a law the money should be spent on education and heavy fines against owners who do not understand the breed and won’t take the time to educate themselves. More money should be spent on elliminating dog fighting rings. Michael Vick needs to use his position to help elliminate dog abuse not once in a while but on a weekly basis.
    Will the Florida aligator be hunted and killed? They kill and maim more people than these dogs ever have and most likely ever will.
    How many species have humans elliminated in the last hundred years? The people that vote for this law are cowards, they are not using due dilligence by reading and educating themselves regarding this breed. I dare everybody that is against pitbulls to take the find the pitbull test http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html.
    If you don’t get it within three tries then you are listening to media panic instead of your own brain.

  8. James Benajmin

    I am only 17yrs old and I am a responsible owner of two pit bulls. All dogs need to be socialized with other dogs, children and strangers at a young age !NO DOG IS BAD!

  9. Keith Mitcham

    Can anyone confirm what the status is in the House? I received a response from the Senate that this Bill will not be heard before the agricultural committee.

    • Keith, the House version has been assigned to committee but has not yet been heard or scheduled for a hearing. The bills will die if they are not heard and voted on in the Senate and House committees.

  10. The government needs to throw our money at education for stupid dog owners!