Toledo, OH: Judge says Toledo’s “pit bull” law flawed

Judge says Toledo’s ‘pit bull’ law flawed

Some aspects cited as unconstitutional



Article published January 21, 2010

[…] Toledo Municipal Court [Judge Michael Goulding] yesterday found numerous aspects of the city’s “vicious dogs” law unconstitutional, countering a ban on owning more than one “pit bull” and excluding “pit bull” mixed breeds as inherently vicious.

The ruling … involved the case of a Toledo man, Hugh Smith, who was charged with 13 violations of the city’s dog laws in October.

That month, the Lucas County Dog Warden’s Office seized what it deemed to be three “pit bull” dogs from Mr. Smith’s home….

Judge Goulding yesterday dismissed 10 of the charges against Mr. Smith, asserting that the city’s muzzle requirement and one-only limit for “pit bulls” are unconstitutional as they conflict with home-rule doctrine….

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