Tyler, TX: Editorial calls for BSL

A newspaper in Tyler, TX, has issued a public demand for BSL. This is the latest in a string of calls to allow Texas municipalities to pass BSL, something currently prohibited by state law.

StopBSL has a policy against reprinting editorials on the site. However, you may wish to read the editorial for yourself and comment at the link.


Of note is the article writer’s suggestion that “an expert — such as an animal control officer — can make a judgment call on what is and what isn’t a pit bull. It’s hard to mistake that crushing jaw.” First, animal control officers are not “experts” in breed identification. In most places in Texas, the job requirements for an animal control officer or an animal shelter worker are: high school diploma (or GED) and ability to drag 50 pounds of dead weight. Scientific studies have proven that even people with years of experience handling dogs cannot correctly identify a dog’s breed nor identify a “pit bull” in the vast majority of cases. BSL is subjectively enforced, sweeping up all kinds of innocent dogs based on little more than someone’s opinion about whether it looks “pit bull enough.”

To combat the media and groups who are pushing for BSL in Texas, Love-A-Bull has started a petition that will be delivered to legislators twice in the next year. In the last three months, Love-A-Bull and petition supporters have collected 1300 signatures. Texans may contribute to this effort by downloading signature sheets and collecting signatures for the petition. More information can be found here: http://love-a-bull.org/2009/10/petition-against-breed-discriminatory-legislation-in-texas/

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