Rome Township, OH: Banned dog ordinance lacks teeth (difficulty to enforce BSL)

Banned dog ordinance lacks teeth

The Herald-Dispatch
January 28, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

ROME TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Pit bulls and other dogs described as vicious are being banned in Rome Township, but enforcement could be a problem.

The Rome Township Board of Trustees approved a resolution banning residents from owning pit bull terriers or vicious dogs last summer….

However, County Dog Warden Bill Click said he doesn’t have the manpower to enforce the ban….

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3 responses to “Rome Township, OH: Banned dog ordinance lacks teeth (difficulty to enforce BSL)

  1. I love how a Vet makes a statement like ” the breed is unpredictable”. Last time i checked, vets are trained in medicine, they are not behaviorists. That would be like a foot doctor telling a mental health specialist about how the mind if a mentally retarded person works.

  2. I am truly ashamed to be part of a region where these ignorant people live, work and attempt to make laws. This is a sad case and people need to stand up to it, I fully agree that any dog running loose(especially more than once) needs to have it’s owners fined or brought to repremand however they deem fit as a township but to single out a breed is really one step backward in a “free” country. If I keep my dog or dogs under control, out of people’s way, liscense them, pay fees, keep them healthy, etc why should I have to now get rid of them because some person decided they were afraid of them because of what they seen on the news from some other place? The sad reality is most people can’t even truly identify a “pitbull” and more people are bit each year by other breeds of dogs than pitbulls people just don’t see that part they only have the preconceived notions of what the media has to say. I think stricter dog laws such as leash laws etc. for ALL dog breeds are in order in a lot of places but singling out one breed or one type of dog is totally unacceptable.

  3. Mike,

    A vets primary job

    is medicine but medicine and behavior sometime go hand in hand! I’m a vet tech and have Learned breed specific behaviour very quickly and doctor Dyer attended school for more than 8 years, pretty sure he knows breed behaviour.