Toledo, OH: Dog warden office stops enforcing city ‘pit bull’ rule

Summary: The city of Toledo, Ohio has BSL limiting its residents to only one “pit bull” or “pit bull” mix, and mandating muzzles and leashes when away from home. Toledo has a $146K contract with the Lucas County Dog Warden, where Toldeo pays the warden’s office $100 for every “pit bull” related misdemeanor citation. On January 20, Toledo Municipal Court Judge Michael Goulding found Toledo’s ownership restrictions exceed the state law, conflicting with home-rule doctrine. (Ohio law does designate “pit bulls” inherently vicious, but it does not: mandate muzzling; limit how many “pit bull” dogs one may own; group certain mixed breed dogs with “pit bulls.”) So, county and city officials requested the dog warden’s office to stop targeting “pit bulls” and “pit bull” mixes. (But they still refuse to adopt them out; all such dogs are euthanized by the county, unless claimed by their owners.) A committee may soon be rewriting the law — either a subcommittee of the existing Dog Warden Advisory Committee, or a new citizens task force. Groups including the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates and the Best Friends Animal Society are volunteering their expertise for such a task force.  Toledo City Council was scheduled to vote in early February on setting up a Toledo Dog Policy Advisory Task Force.

Dog warden office stops enforcing city ‘pit bull’ rule

Don’t target animals, deputies told

Article published January 28, 2010

The Lucas County Dog Warden’s office has stopped enforcing the city of Toledo’s controversial vicious-dogs law and “pit bull” restrictions [because] parts of the law are unconstitutional….

Dog warden deputies have previously ventured onto Toledoans’ properties to seize dogs that look like “pit bulls”….

Toledo may soon have a citizen-led committee to rewrite the now-contested law….

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