Silver Lake Village, OH: Dog law may get more teeth (possible removal of breed-specific language)

Silver Lake Village currently prohibits “dangerous” dogs, which include “pit bulls.” Apparently, they have realized that the breed-specific portions aren’t a good answer to their dog problems. Revisions may resemble Cuyahoga Falls, which does not use breed-specific language in its ordinance. However, both cities are in Ohio, which automatically classifies all “pit bulls” in the state as “vicious” dogs. Therefore, any requirements for “vicious” dogs will also include “pit bulls” regardless of whether they are specifically mentioned in Silver Lake’s revised ordinance.

City council will hold a second reading of the proposed ordinance during their meeting today, Feb. 1.

Silver Lake Village’s dog law may get more teeth

January 31, 2010
by Ellin Walsh, Reporter

Silver Lake –[…] Police Chief Gary DeMoss says the village’s current ordinance addresses dangerous animals and livestock “but is very limited and breed specific when it describes dogs and lacks a lot of details needed.”

Village Solicitor Robert Heydorn has drafted a more stringent ordinance for Council to consider, modeled primarily on the law Cuyahoga Falls has in place. […]

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2 responses to “Silver Lake Village, OH: Dog law may get more teeth (possible removal of breed-specific language)

  1. dont deem every pitbull or dog of any breed vicious if he or she (dog)bites a human or animal then do so but we must remember that they are animal`s an have been domesticated for century`s so lets not let theses fine animals down they need a voice because they sure cant speak

  2. Suzanne Bennett

    There are no bad dogs! Only bad people! Responsible owners will not have a “vicious dog” no matter what breed the dog is.