Sturgeon Bay, WI: Pit bull ban under consideration

Thanks to Jodi for this alert!

City Commission members in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin are considering a ban on “pit bulls” stating they want to be “proactive” and to “err on the side of caution.” A proactive ordinance would include measures to educate dog owners on responsible dog ownership, as well as tough penalties for owners who are not responsible with their dogs — regardless of the breed of dog they own.

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL AND INFORMATIVE letters of opposition to the Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin city commission members listed below. Please include viable alternatives and suggestions for the commission’s consideration.

I was unable to find e-mail contact for the majority of commission members, but correspondence can be sent to them by e-mail via the city clerk with a polite request to forward to each city commissioner. The proposed ordinance has been bumped back to committee, so please get your letters out ASAP.

Jodi Preis
Bless the Bullys

City of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin  
City Hall
421 Michigan Street
Sturgen Bay, Wisconsin 54235
920-746-2905 (fax)
City Clerk
Stephanie Reinhardt
Mayor Tom Voegele

Dan Wiegand (
Ron Vandertie
John Lodl (on the committee working on the ordinance)
James Abeyta (on the committee)
Steve Mann (on the committee)
Tom Benzshawel
Thad Birmingham

Common Council Agendas
Contact Form:

Pit bull ban would be proactive measure

Committee considering proposed ordinance

By Ramelle Bintz • • February 6, 2010

Sturgeon Bay Common Council committee is scheduled Thursday to re-examine whether pit bull dogs and similar breeds should be banned from the city.[…]

“I don’t know of any incident with pit bulls, but I don’t believe in waiting until something happens,” [Steve] Mann said. “I know when I Google pit bulls, you find everything from pit bulls snuggling up with kittens to some pretty vicious attacks.”

Alderman James Abeyta, also on the committee, said the wording should be changed to “control and contain” pit bulls rather than exclude them altogether.

The third committee member, Alderman John Lodl, said although in his years as mail carrier, he never has been injured by a pit bull, he prefers to “err on the side of safety” and ban them.[…]

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  2. Police Chief Dan Trelka states on StopBSL’s Facebook page that he does not support the breed-specific portions of this proposed ordinance. We appreciate his comments!

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