Memphis, TN reminder: City council to consider breed-specific MSN, Feb 9

Edit 2/11/10: This discussion has been delayed until mid-March. Councilmember Flinn is apparently reworking the ordinance with the assistance of animal welfare groups.

Edit 2/9: This will be considered by the Public Services and Neighborhoods Committee. They meet at 11 am in the City Council Conference Room, City Hall, 5th Floor.

Committee Meeting Schedule

Memphis City Council is considering an ordinance that would require the mandatory spay/neuter of all “pit bulls” during their city council meeting on Feb. 9, at City Hall, 125 North Main Street.

It is important to remember that breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) is breed-specific legislation. Breed-specific MSN is fraught with all of the problems associated with breed-specific laws–including unequal treatment of dog owners, subjective identification of dog breed based on appearance alone, and no evidence that such laws improve public safety.

Additionally, mandatory spay/neuter is not supported by No-Kill advocates, as it has not been shown to reduce shelter populations. MSN is a financial hardship on many people. Low-cost voluntary spay/neuter is a much more effective alternative.

Previous alert for Memphis (with contact info for city officials):

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