Brampton, Ontario, Canada: Dogs refused medical visit

I am following this story because it is a perfect example of one of the major flaws of BSL: breed identification is difficult and subjective. Follow the article link and look at the photo of Brittany, one of the dogs seized because animal control thinks she is a banned “pit bull.” What does she look like to you?

Ultimately, these dogs, who did not behave dangerously, and these families, who have broken no laws, are now suffering physically and mentally. BSL is not just about “pit bulls.” When certain breeds get regulated or banned, untold numbers of other types of dogs and their families get hit by the shrapnel.

There is also a poll that asks whether animal control did the right thing by seizing these dogs (middle of left column on homepage):

Dogs refused medical visit

The City of Brampton has refused to allow the Branco family’s veterinarian to check on the well-being of their dog being held by the city for close to a month. [… Owner Rui Branco] said he is worried about the dogs’ health because they have been confined to cages for 23 1/2 hours a day every day since they were seized Jan. 13.

[…] Brittany and Rambo are caught in the middle of a debate over their breeding. The city says the pair are illegal pitbulls, the families who own them disagree, saying they are a mixed breed— 75 per cent boxer and 25 per cent American bulldog. Their seizure has set off a firestorm of controversy over the province’s pitbull legislation and the city’s interpretation of that legislation.

Full article retrieved 2/11/10 from–dogs-refused-medical-visit

Previous alert about Brittany and Rambo:

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