Memphis, TN update: Committee discussion about proposed BSL delayed until March

Here is a rough transcript of the audio file from the Public Services and Neighborhoods Committee meeting on Feb 9. It appears that a new ordinance is being crafted, and whatever is created will be brought back to the table for discussion in mid-March.

Chairwoman Barbara Swearengen Ware: Item 3, an ordinance regarding the mandatory neutering and spaying of pit bull breeds. This item is brought to us by councilman Shea Flinn. It has been delayed twice and we will hear from Councilman Flinn.

Councilman Shea Flinn: Thank you madam Chairwoman. I ask for another two week delay.

[Audience laughter]

The community response to ths ordinance has been great. And it’s not been just been people for it or against it, it’s people offering constructive solutions and it’s taking me a long time to go through those and craft the best possible ordinance to help with our shelter problems and I’m confident in the next couple weeks we can get people to come together and craft an ordinance that will better the animal and citizen population. Thank you for your patience. It’s a lot of information.

Swearengen Ware: I’m sure it is. Are you working with Director Hooks? [Janet Hooks, city director of Public Services and Neighborhoods]

Flinn: Director Hooks is giving very good information on how to craft a strong ordinance. I want to thank her for that.

Swearengen Ware: How long do you need this to be held?

Flinn: Let’s say a month.

Swearengen Ware: Thank you very much.

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