Hinds County, MS: County supervisor to ask for pit bull ban

A girl was recently killed by a stray dog in Hinds County, MS. Although multiple stray dogs were in the area on that day, and authorities still have not determined which dog was responsible, a stray “pit bull” that was near the scene when officials arrived was caught and has taken the blame for the death. According to a recent report from the facility where the “pit bull” is being held, the dog is scarred from some type of fighting.

In response to this event, Hinds County Supervisor George Smith intends to ask the county Board of Supervisors to ban “pit bulls” from Hinds County. He will bring the proposal forward during today’s meeting.

Hinds County Chancery Court Building, 316 S. President St., Jackson, MS 39201
Phone: 601.968.6501
Fax: 601.968.6794

Robert Graham, rgraham@co.hinds.ms.us
Doug Anderson, danderson@co.hinds.ms.us
Peggy Hobson Calhoun, pcalhoun@co.hinds.ms.us
Phil Fisher, pfisher@co.hinds.ms.us
George Smith, gsmith@co.hinds.ms.us (will propose the ban)

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One response to “Hinds County, MS: County supervisor to ask for pit bull ban

  1. its the owner fault,not the dog. cause dogs are train to do what ever…it was probably train for fighting only.. i have a pitbull with papers.if they going to ban pitbulls,they need to ban all dogs not just pitbulls,cause other dogs are danger too….some of the problems with the dogs be the owner sometimes,by not treating the dog right and not feeding them.