Florida: SB 1276 passes committee

Florida SB 1276, which would allow municipalities to pass breed-specific legislation in Florida, passed the Community Affairs committee with 9 Yeas and 2 Nays.

An amendment to the bill now prohibits municipalities from passing breed bans. However, it still allows breed-specific legislation of any other kind, potentially including restrictions that are so onerous that responsible ownership would be next to impossible anyway.

Florida residents, please contact your senators and ask them to oppose this bill when it comes to the floor for a vote. Find your senator here.

On election day, please remember the following senators and their votes on this bill:

* Chair: Senator Michael S. “Mike” Bennett (R), bennett.mike.web@flsenate.gov
* Vice Chair: Senator Gary Siplin (D), siplin.gary.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Thad Altman (R), altman.thad.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Ted Deutch (D), deutch.ted.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Rudy Garcia (R), garcia.rudy.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Anthony C. “Tony” Hill, Sr. (D), BILL SPONSOR, hill.tony.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Jeremy Ring (D), ring.jeremy.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Ronda Storms (R), storms.ronda.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Stephen R. Wise (R), wise.stephen.web@flsenate.gov

* Senator John Thrasher (R), thrasher.john.web@flsenate.gov
* Senator Andy Gardiner (R), gardiner.andy.web@flsenate.gov

Previous alerts for Florida HB 543/SB 1276: http://stopbsl.com/?s=1276

Tracking page for SB 1276: http://www.flsenate.gov/session/index.cfm?BI_Mode=ViewBillInfo&Mode=Bills&ElementID=JumpToBox&SubMenu=1&Year=2010&billnum=1276

Tracking page for HB 543: http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Bills/billsdetail.aspx?BillId=42937&BillText=dogs&HouseChamber=H&SessionId=64


16 responses to “Florida: SB 1276 passes committee

  1. control is what it boils down to.. this just gives government another way to harass the innocent instead of prosecute the guilty… who is gonna pay for all this once they enforce it.. everyone with a good dog is gonna file a law suit and or fight any way they can.. we will demand a d.n.a. to take our dogs.. and you cannot ban all breeds.. are they gonna go by weight limit next ? remember dobermans they all wanted to kill those dogs what happened since the 80s.. they are still around
    I dont get it.

  2. selwyn marock

    Craig,All this is about is Thurston has put himself on the Map,we must get this Bastard Voted out of Politics.The next step is PETA will be “assisting” Florida counties setting up these Genocidal Attacks..
    Also what is not helping is the US is now sitting with the weakest and most inneffective President in it’s history.
    The whole world is facing the worst financial crisis in 80 years,and watch how all these little nothing Mayors will be focussing on BSL.,because of the media hype ,with which they will be marketing FEAR to the “stupid masses”.
    For the animal-lovers of Florida this is as catastrofic as when Hitler achieved power in the late 30’s.
    G-D help the Family-Pets.

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  4. selwyn marock

    Do the Americans realise what financial chaos their countries is in.Apparently with the stroke of a pen China could bring the whole US Economy to it’s knees,surely the Thurston’s of the world,should be looking for ways of reducing costs not using this law to promote their political careers.Apparently I was reading his CV and it appears this is the only bill he has proposed in 3 years.He must be quite a large cost,do the American people really need him and others like him,cost-cutting is of paramount importance if the US is to save it’s economy.

  5. Bonny Castillo

    There are so many other issues that need addressed in this country. Why go after the animals? Can they use their time and energy on focusing on the poor/unemployed/ the hungry/ the homeless??? If they are so concerned about dog attacks, lets go after the Michael Vicks who train these animals to attack for a gambling sport.
    If all the pits are banned, what makes them think all dog aggression will cease?? They will find another breed to take the pits place. Could it be the german shepherd, the Akita?? Could it be your dog??
    A huge NO to BSL!!!

  6. Another example of why Florida is going down the tubes. Run by idiots and apathetic voters. See you in the third world. Can we give Florida to Cuba?

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  8. This is all alot of BS. Pretty soon they are going to try and pass the law on every breed of dog that bites…It is all about how any animal is raised. If they keep outlawing dog breeds we may end up where they all will be banned and then no more dogs will exist in the world. It is just totaly crazy. I will fight tooth and nail to keep my dogs who are my family if such things come to pass…Other issues need to be addressed..not issues trying to ban the pit bulls or other breeds. Save Our Family Pets.

  9. This is all alot of BS…I am so sick of all this about the pitbull. It is all in how they are raised and treated just like any other dog or animal…First they will want to ban this breed ,then another ,then so on and so on till there are no breeds left and no more dogs in the world. I know one thing i will fight tooth and nail for my beloved dogs who are my family members. This has got to stop. Please Everyone Save The Animals…all and every breed.

  10. Glad to see they are doing something about these dogs. Can’t wait to have them banned especially from public places. It may not be the dogs fault but it seems that the owners don’t want to be responsible for the damages. Eradicate the breed! Thanks for the list of Yea’s…they have my full support.

    • Trish, you didn’t mention what “breed” you have a problem with, but I can guess. Regardless, that’s a massive generalization you’re making. And your reasons for supporting said legislation doesn’t mesh with what the legislation actually does, so… what was the point of your comment, just an opportunity to talk trash about certain people?

  11. selwyn marock

    Trish I fully agree with you,but I think while we are banning lets address the other issues:

    1)I dislike living in a neighbourhood where there are Black people,it is common knowledge that these people are responsible for the majority of Murders and Rapes,therefore it follows that all Blacks are Rapists and Murdrers,Eradicate these people.
    2)It is common knowledge that most Terrorist attacks are done by the Muslims,once again it must follow that all Muslims are Terrorists.Eradicate All Muslims.
    3)It is well perceived that most Financial crookery is done by the Jews,all Jews are crooks.Lets Eradicate them all.

    Just think eventually it will only be the 2 of us left,G-D Forbid,a World that 50% are Bigots,not for me.

    For the record I am Jewish,my best friend is a Muslim,and am not a Racist and have never been one.
    No insult to other Nationalities meant or intended,merely trying to help a Racist change her ways:

  12. In my opinion by passing this Bill, we are only continuing to “blanket” the real problem here, which is animal cruelty. This Bill was left way to open ended, open for each individual’s interpretation of what they think it might mean, and how exactly they will use it to benefit them.

    My question is: do these animals have intrinsic or extrinsic value to humans? Are they good in themselves, or are they only good when they seem to benefit our human needs. When most of us look on our dinner plate, what do we see; meat? When we take our children to zoo’s aquariums, circus’, etc., what do we see, animals? When ladies put their make-up on that is proven to be safe, who should we thank; animals? When our family is healed by the miracle we call medicine; where were these concoctions first tested; animals? Each year we kill and torture billions of animals to suit what we call our needs. The second an animal fights back we (as humans) think it is our duty to castrate these innocent creatures, for what we call a danger to society. But to me, the only danger to society is humans.

    Humans seem to forget we NEED these animals to run what we call a normal life. But is it normal the way these animals sacrifice day in and day out for this so called “normal.” What I mean by all this is that I believe it is time for humans to take responsibility for their own actions that lead to these consequences ( people dying), that we all seem to dislike so much… Dogs in particular do not attack for absolutely no reason. The owner had brought them up in a particular manner, training them to do so.

    A particular breed under scrutiny right now is the Pit Bull, before that it was the Sheppard, before that the Chow, before that the Dalmatian. The beginning and end to this problem are both upon the owner in my opinion.

    So as Mr. Thurston was the only one who showed up to agree with the contents of this bill, he gave piles of reason which all had total invalid premise. He said things like my friend has to walk in her neighborhood with a bat, she is so scared of pit bulls. She is afraid to leave her house at night. I am a young woman who also carries protection at night or any other time of the day for that matter. But having protection and being susceptible to danger, does not mean it is only because of dogs. I am more afraid of the menacing people in our communities than the canines.

    Say our community decides to ban Pit Bulls, who gets to decide what dogs are and are not Pit Bulls. It has already been proven that a handful of experts could not identify a breed of dog by looking at them. If this task is not left up to the random Jim-Bob then genetic testing will have to be done, who will pay for this? One of my three large breed dogs is commonly called a Pit, but originated from a half full blooded (papers and all) boxer that knocked up the mutt next door. So people like myself will be forced to hide our animals if this ban did happen here.

    Rushing right back down to the core problem; neglecting our pets. Good people with good animals will be forced to do this, WHY? We need to focus less on these so called “problem animals,” and more on responsibility of pet ownership, and amending some of the animal cruelty laws.

  13. As a proud owner of a pit bull and many pit bulls for 30 years this sickens me! It is wrong. It seems people fighting for the bill are only doing so because of their ignorance to the breed and they are obviously uneducated on the breed as well. Target bad breeders, target irresponsible owners! Why punish those of us who DO the RIGHT thing with our pets? Responsible ownership includes dog training and also education -this should not only apply to owners/adults…but CHILDREN! I know many children who antagonize dogs, (their parents do not teach them to respect animals) then the child gets bit and its the dogs fault. My dogs have been harassed in their own yard on 1/2 acre behind a 6 ft fence. And i cant do anything about it……… But harass a “police dog” and you go to jail! hmmmmm………

  14. selwyn marock

    Michelle you are correct on most of your points,even pet ownership but the most important is the unscrupulous politicians that is creating “FEAR” with the use of the Media ,his target is the “STUPID MASSES” they are also allowed to Vote.
    You are not part of his target market,as you have in a minute worked out that in any area very few women will walk round at night alone as there are far greater dangers than dogs out there.So Thurston would not wish to talk to you.
    My view is he should be voted out of power,he is EVIL.


  15. This bill is so idiotic its not even funny, but what do we expect when it is coming from an idiotic so called “lawmaker”. I believe and agree with the posts that it will only punish the ones that are responsible for their “PROPERTY”. All of the people that are for this need to ask yourself a question. Do you really think that in Denver there were ONLY 2200 or so Pit Bull type dogs there>??? I think not, those dogs (and if you have seen the pictures you would know) belong to families that took the time and registered them, vetted them and cared for them. How on earth would they have known who had them (AC). Any and all irresponsible owner will not have them registered will not have them vetted. It is my firm belief that this law in FL and other states ONLY punish the ones that do what they are supposed to do for the pets. So, (this might sound idiotic in its self) but i vote that all of us become irresponsible in the hopes of saving our pet families. In all honesty, this is what is being encouraged by these ‘lawmakers’. You abide by the rules you get punished, if you don’t “hey, you’ll save your family.” (but to the irresponsible one they are not family that is why they don’t have all that they need)
    Also, if we really want to get technical on the issue we need to look at it the way our founding fathers did, according to the constitution it is a violation of our civil rights to restrict one of “property” (which in the state of fl dogs fall under that category”) without an equal restriction of ALL “property owners”. So if these “lawmakers” want to restrict my dogs then ALL dog owners need to be restricted. I for one already have an attorney on hand, i will not allow the genocide of a breed because of the ignorance that is presented. I will fight for my rights!!! I will not allow ANYONE to come near my dogs and others like me. I know that i sound ______ fill in the blank but this outrages me so much! My dogs are my family, my family went through watching friends torn out of their homes because they were jews and to me this is the same thing. As a US citizen i am more ashamed of being one than ever.
    When are people going to take responsibility for their dogs? When are people going to realize (this includes “lawmakers) that PEOPLE have to be held accountable for their actions. Why are we so swift to blame everyone and everything else for their own mistakes??? If i am wrong “I AM” if i do wrong “I AM”. As adults, we need to act as such and not let “lawmakers” decide our faiths and our families’ faiths. I’m not letting my dogs go down without a fight and i will not allow “LAWMAKERS” to tell me what i can have and cannot. Amend 14 read it and see what our fore fathers wanted us to have. This is to those who believe that they are safe from prosecution you are MISTAKEN, if ii am to suffer so shall you.
    Again, my apologies for the anger in this but i wish for all haters to understand that I the responsible owner of 3 pit bull type dogs will not sit back and allow the ignorant, uneducated public decide what is best for me and my family.