Yucaipa, CA: Resident asks for “pit bull” ban

California state law prohibits breed-specific laws, except for mandatory spay/neuter. City council will hear from the resident who is asking for a ban, and any others who wish to speak on the matter.

March 22, 6 PM
Council Chambers of City Hall, 34272 Yucaipa Boulevard, Yucaipa, CA 92399

Mayor Dick Riddell, driddell@yucaipa.org
Mayor Pro Tem Allan Drusys, DVM, adrusys@yucaipa.org
Councilmember Denise Hoyt, dhoyt@yucaipa.org
Councilmember Tom Masner, tommasner@yucaipa.org
Councilmember Diane Smith, dsmith@yucaipa.org

Owner of dog killed by pit bull seeks regulations

Staff Reporter
Published: Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:11 PM PST

An angry dog owner contacted the Yucaipa News Mirror along with the Yucaipa City Council to relay concerns….

Greene reported he would like to see more stringent regulations on the breed and has been invited by the Yucaipa City Council to speak at the next meeting.

“I would like to see a ban on pit bulls,” Greene said….

Council will listen to the issue at the March 22 meeting and anyone with an opinion on the subject is invited to attend and share their concerns.

Full story retrieved March 16, 2010 from http://www.newsmirror.net/articles/2010/03/12/news/doc4b99496ad0589428140630.txt


2 responses to “Yucaipa, CA: Resident asks for “pit bull” ban

  1. people have shallow minds. pit bulls are just like any other dog no difference. people just can’t see past dog fightings. all dogs will attack to protect. so why ban someones pet?

  2. My neighbors german shepherd killed my mom’s dog on her front porch. This was the 2nd attack from this dog on my mom’s property. Shall we ban german shepherds too?

    How about we address the real problem instead, namely, “IRRESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS!”