Beatrice, NE: Whispers of BSL (“pit bull” ban)

Thanks to Jodi for this alert:

Beatrice, Nebraska city councilman Jason Moore brought up the issue of banning “any dog that is part pit bull” in the city limits. His suggestion was not well received, however, Moore says he plans to draft an ordinance and present it to the council at some time in the future.

No ordinance has been formally proposed or presented at this time. We may want to send the city officials some factual information to refute the information provided by Councilman Moore, and perhaps some strong generic dangerous dog ordinances for their consideration, as well.


Beatrice City Council, 400 Ella Street, Beatrice, Nebraska 68310
(402) 228-5200
FAX (402) 228-2312

City council member suggests pit bull ban

By Scott Koperski/Daily Sun staff writer
Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:55 am

At Monday night’s work session for the Beatrice City Council, council member Jason Moore brought up … pit bulls within the city.

Moore suggested … the council impose a citywide ban on any dog that is part pit bull.

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One response to “Beatrice, NE: Whispers of BSL (“pit bull” ban)

  1. You can not punish a dog for being born. Just like you can not punish a child. Not all pit bulls are bad dogs. Dogs just like people’s behavior is nurture vs nature! It all depends on how they are raised treated. You treat a human/dog bad then they will grow up with bad behaviors! You treat them with love, respect and good training, then they will grow up good and loving! No I do not have a pit bull, but I am prochoice and you can not punish those who do not deserve it!