Denver and Aurora, CO: Disabled vets file discrimination suit due to “pit bull” bans

Update 4/4: Great article on the importance of service dogs to veterans:

Note that one veteran’s dog was seized after being misidentified as a “pit bull.”

Pit bull ban: Disabled Vietnam, Gulf War vets sue Denver and Aurora for discriminating against their service dogs

By J. David McSwane, Wednesday, Mar. 31 2010 @ 3:46PM

A federal class-action suit involving disabled Coloradans — two war veterans with psychological disorders — and their service animals was filed Tuesday against Aurora, the City and County of Denver and its head of Animal Control.

The two veterans, and another disabled woman from out of state, say Denver’s controversial pit-bull ban doesn’t make exceptions for service dogs and their owners and is therefore a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.[…]

Read the lawsuit here.

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3 responses to “Denver and Aurora, CO: Disabled vets file discrimination suit due to “pit bull” bans

  1. I live in Ohio. I suffer from depression and my dogs were killed by animal control because they were identified as “pit bull” and I did not have vicious dog insurance (even though I didn’t know they were pit bull until after animal control told me about it).
    My depression has gotten worse and I have a really hard time sleeping without my companions. The judge won’t allow me to get any other dogs at all. Is there any way I can join this lawsuit? Or a future one?

  2. Clarification. My dogs were mixed breed. Staffordshire terrier, hound dog, and chow chow. They were only pit bulls because animal control said so. That’s how our laws in Ohio are written. It’s really about racism.

  3. Laurel M. Ashley

    BSL is bad for dogs and the people who love them.
    It is so wrong.
    All laws should be equitable.
    It should not matter where one lives or travels.
    It needs to be action and not breed that is judged.
    I hope this lawsuit is won and makes them pay and pay so they will not dare discriminate against any others.
    Repeal BSL