Southfield, MI: Proposed BSL dropped, breed-neutral ordinance created

Council addresses dangerous dogs in animal ordinance

By Jennie Miller
C & G Staff Writer

SOUTHFIELD — More than a year after the Southfield City Council discussed the possibility of banning pit bulls in the city, the idea has been scrapped in favor of a few tweaks to the city’s animal ordinance to make enforcement more effective.

[…] “It really doesn’t matter as far as we’re concerned what the particular breed is — if it’s a dangerous animal, it’s a dangerous animal. Anyone that has a dangerous animal, we need to deal with that.”

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One response to “Southfield, MI: Proposed BSL dropped, breed-neutral ordinance created

  1. BULLY FOR YOU! Thank you to Southfield for understanidng and caring enough to first off, given reconsideration to their proposal and secondly tor realizing there are many dangerous animals out there, not just our Pits and “bully breeds”.