Mitchell, SD: Whispers of BSL

The dogs in question, who were running loose in violation of code, were identified as “pit bull”/Boxer mixes. Note that two of the dogs were not aggressive toward the animal control officer, who subsequently decided that those two are “probably a little more Boxer” than the aggressive dog. (In other words, aggressive dogs are labeled pit bulls. Nonaggressive dogs are not.)

Update 4/3: In a new article, the owner of the dogs disputes that they are “pit bulls” at all: 

But Contreras insists that her dogs — which she said are full-blooded boxers and not the pit bull/boxer crosses they have been described as — are all friendly animals who were likely only interested in Odegaard’s dogs and not in hurting Odegaard herself.

“They’re not pit bulls,” Contreras said. “We hate pit bulls.”

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After Thursday attack in Mitchell, pit bulls come under scrutiny

By: Austin Kaus, The Daily Republic

[… Diane] Odegaard was not physically harmed, but she is hoping that sharing her experience could lead to stricter dog laws in the city, such as a ban on pit bulls.

[…Mayor Sebert] wasn’t sure of the legality of banning certain dog breeds within city limits, but he said he would be in favor of banning pit bulls in Mitchell.[…]

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2 responses to “Mitchell, SD: Whispers of BSL

  1. This is unreal! There is a new article in the paper today that the paper wrote themselves about banning pit bulls. They say that “No matter what their owners say, pit bulls cannot be trusted. They are dangerous and temperamental. It’s in their DNA to attack.” This is ridiculous. It is in any organisms DNA to attack when in a threatening situation. If this discussion goes any further with in the city, I will be attending the City Council meeting, the next Monday they have one.

  2. heather futrell

    every year in theUS 2000 children are killed by parent or adult caretakers!