Village of Suffern, NY: Proposal to add Rottweilers to BSL, April 5

Edit 4/15: The proposal was dropped after council was made aware of state law prohibiting BSL. No word whether they intend to rescind the BSL currently in place for “pit bulls.”

Crossposted–this is all the information I have. (Thanks to Pawsitive Attention Pet Services for sending it my way.)

Please keep correspondence with town officials polite and informative. Please note that NY state law prohibits breed-specific legislation.

Suffern Village Board Meeting
Date: Monday, April 5, 2010, 7:30 PM
Location: Suffern Municipal Building, 61 Washington Avenue, Suffern, New York 10901

Village Board Contact Info
Mayor Dagan LaCorte,
John Meehan, Trustee,
Patricia “Trish” Abato, Trustee,
Andrew C. Haggerty, Trustee
Bruce Simon, Trustee

Suffern, NY Village Board Seeks to Label Rottweilers as “Vicious Dogs” on Monday, April 5

The Village of Suffern, New York, will consider adding Rottweilers to its list of “vicious dogs” at its board meeting on Monday, April 5, at 7:45 p.m. This is an opportunity to express concerns with its current breed-specific policies and request that they be repealed.

The village already deems “pit bulls” to be vicious – including American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers registered with the AKC are exempted.

Current village law mandates that owners of vicious dogs must keep their dogs muzzled and on a leash no more than 3 feet long when not confined. Owners must also place signs along the perimeters of their property to warn the public of the vicious dog on the premises.

Suffern Village Board Meeting
Date: Monday, April 5, 2010, 7:30 PM
Location: 61 Washington Avenue, Suffern, New York 10901

Submit a letter to the village board, city attorney and mayor. All letters must be hand-delivered to the Village of Suffern Municipal Building or faxed to (845) 357-0649. If you fax a letter, be sure to state a request on the cover page that your letter be distributed to the board and city attorney prior to the meeting on Monday evening.

6 responses to “Village of Suffern, NY: Proposal to add Rottweilers to BSL, April 5

  1. Laurel M. Ashley

    It is quite dismaying to me to see how I might not be free to travel or my dog be safe depending on which state or municipality I cross into.

    I am a citizen of the US, I would have thought we were all one country, not 50 independent fiefdoms.

    I am disabled and it is my Rottweiler service dog that provides the assistance that allows me to get around and keeps me from being house-bound.

    She and I, and all those we come in contact with her and who adore her would be most surprised to learn that she is a dangerous dog and a menace to society.

  2. Maria Kauffman

    I also have a REGISTERED service dog, who happens to be a rottweiler, I think it is a shame that these dogs are labeled dangerous by people who have never owned one.
    Any dog regardless of size can bite or kill.
    Only difference is certain breeds go for your throat instead of your ankles.
    I think it is about time society starts putting the blame where it belongs ON THE OWNERS !
    I also would like to add 99% of dog attacks are cause by actions humans done, when you read in the media ” dog attacks child” how many times does it mention the 10 minutes BEFORE the dog attacked ? Do you ever read “Child kicks dog & dog bites back ??”, no offense but if your teasing a dog, you will get bite. Sad part, dog dies as result.
    Same when kids break in zoos, bear gets killed for biting, but kid climbed in den to steal baby bear.

  3. their is always going to be another breed. Just do yourself a favor and ban all dogs from your city or d the smart thing get rid of that law and set up a leash law, anti tethering law and enforce it!!!! Also a dangerous dog law that gives the owner of a visous dog a major penalty would work in addition of the other two laws.

    I personaly will not travel to or even stop by and spend my money in any town with a breed ban.

  4. Elizabeth: I agree 100% instead of banning dogs ENFORCE the laws that are at hand. EVERYONE needs to fight this and the Pit Bull bans, this is what ALL PIT BULL OWNERS have said from the get go. IF you think your breed is safe YOU ARE MISTAKEN. ALL animal lovers NEED to UNITE and FIGHT.

  5. From the Mayor’s office of Suffern on 4/13/10

    The proposal was removed as we were informed that breed specific
    legislation is prohibited by state law

    Dagan LaCorte