Virginia: HB 281 amended to prohibit breed-based shelter euthanasia

HB 281 is almost ready for the governor’s signature. HB 281 summary and tracking page:

McDonnell amends bill on breed-based euthanasia in shelters

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April 14, 2010 by afp

Gov. Bob McDonnell has amended a bill passed by the General Assembly to insert a prohibition banning breed-based killing of dogs in the Commonwealth.[…]

The Governor’s amendment will add the following language: “No pound may euthanize, or prohibit the adoption of, any dog based solely on breed…”

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2 responses to “Virginia: HB 281 amended to prohibit breed-based shelter euthanasia

  1. Laurel M. Ashley

    Animal Shelters should be made to reduce the number of dogs killed. It is so unreasonable, unfair, unethical and inhumane to destroy dogs simply based on appearance and some false sense that certain breeds are inherently dangerous. Stop the BSL and it needs to be put into practice not subverted with false claims of unadoptability. Shelters should make every effort to find homes for healthy or treatable ill or injured dogs that are friendly. Even dogs that are not friendly when they come into a shelter may turn out fine when given the chance to recover from abuse and neglect and get out of the stressful environment of the impound.

  2. Morgan Buckley

    I agree with this state and the law they passed. As humans it is stated that we are to be treated equally and fairly. Why not the same for dogs. They feel emotion and they know when something bad is going to happen just like humans do. I’ve known dogs that would put their life on the line to protect their owner and I would be willing to do the same thing for my dogs. Its being racist towards dogs. Why should that be acceptable? I don’t believe it should.