Brampton, Ontario, Canada: Dogs freed, ruled not “pit bulls”

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The sad part is that despite the ruling that these dogs are not “pit bulls,” despite no complaints from the public about the dogs, and despite the city’s own veterinarian saying the dogs are friendly, the city has still designated both dogs “potentially dangerous.” Why?

This is a city that cannot lose gracefully and admit they were wrong.

Dogs freed, ruled not pitbulls

Pam Douglas
Apr 19, 2010 – 3:26 PM

[…] An independent veterinarian has ruled Brittany and Rambo are not pitbulls, which means after 97 days in the pound, the two dogs are finally home.

[…] Despite the vet’s ruling, as part of the agreement with the city, the owners had to agree to allow the dogs to be designated “potentially dangerous” and they must wear muzzles when out in public.

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One response to “Brampton, Ontario, Canada: Dogs freed, ruled not “pit bulls”

  1. I had an officer stop my wife while walking our Boxer/Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix and tell us he was a Pit Bull and he would have to wear a muzzle, we would have to register him with the city, post signs, get 50,000 liability insurance, etc. etc. Then we had the city animal control officer come out and he deemed him not Pit Bull, but thought he was as we said, Boxer/Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

    So we are one of the lucky ones, because we might have had the same thing on our hands. Now, I am aware and adamantly against BSL’s. I wish everyone the best of luck in these situations and I will help lead this fight against the newest racism.