Warwick, RI: Warwick weighing mandatory neutering of pit bulls

Breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter still has all the flaws of any other type of breed-specific law (including identification of breeds/types of dogs to be neutered), has not been shown to be effective at reducing dog populations, and is not supported by no-kill advocates or other animal welfare experts.

The City Council shall hold its regular meetings, both business and public hearing, in the Council Chambers located at the Warwick City Hall(3275 Post Road Warwick, R.I. 02886) at 7:00 p.m. on the second and third Monday in each month. Next public hearing city council meeting: May 17, 2010, 7:00 PM.

City council contact info:

Councilman Steven Colantuono (R)
Phone: (401)941-9399
Email: saco13@verizon.net

Council President Bruce Place (D)
Phone: 467-8734
Email: bdplace@verizon.net

Councilwoman Helen Taylor (D)
Home – 401 824-6490
Email: Lizzytaylor29@aol.com

Councilman Joseph J. Solomon (D)
Phone: 739-2291
Email: JOSEPH.J.SOLOMON@warwickri.com

Councilman John DelGiudice (D)
Phone: 390-2992
Email: Johnd1025@verizon.net

Councilwoman Donna M. Travis (D)
Home – 738-9774
Email: Donna.M.Travis@warwickri.com

Councilman Charles J. Donovan, Jr. (D)
Phone: 739-6784
Email: CHARLES.J.DONOVAN.JR@warwickri.com

Councilman Raymond E. Gallucci (D)
Phone: 737-9477
Email: raymond.e.gallucci@warwickri.com

Councilman Steve Merolla (D)
Office: 739-2900 ext. 306
Email: STEVEN.B.MEROLLA@warwickri.com

Warwick weighing mandatory neutering of pit bulls

6:51 PM Tue, Apr 27, 2010
Barbara Polichetti

WARWICK, R.I. — For Ann Corvin, director of the Warwick Animal Shelter, there is nothing worse that having to euthanize a dog that could make a perfectly good pet….

Corvin is now hoping that a new spaying and neutering ordinance … will reduce the number of “bully breeds” whose lives end at the animal shelter….The ordinance … requires that all pit bull and related breeds be neutered unless they are owned by a licensed breeder or are actively competing in shows.

Full article retrieved April 27, 2010 from http://newsblog.projo.com/2010/04/warwick-weighing-mandatory-neu.html

3 responses to “Warwick, RI: Warwick weighing mandatory neutering of pit bulls

  1. Laurel M. Ashley

    No law should single out one breed or breeds and those owners. Any law regarding dog regulation should be unbiased and fair to all.

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  3. are pitbulls banned from warwick? are there any other places in rhode island where pitbulls are banned? i have a pitbull i really hope they dont.