Ontario, Canada: Ontario pit bull ban isn’t working, Humane Society says

Ontario pit bull ban isn’t working, Humane Society says

Last Updated: April 28, 2010 12:20pm

[…] Results of a survey of municipalities, released Wednesday, show no significant drop in dog bite cases since the government passed Breed Specific Legislation in 2005 that resulted in “countless” pit bulls and related Staffordshire Terriers being destroyed.

Article retrieved 4/28/10 from http://www.torontosun.com/news/canada/2010/04/28/13747081.html

3 responses to “Ontario, Canada: Ontario pit bull ban isn’t working, Humane Society says

  1. Im just wondering when i will be able to get a small amount of help to begin revolution and stop P.B.T.T. and BSL in their tracks…

    • Brian, I’m not trying to sound snide or sarcastic at all, but… welcome to the world of nonprofit advocacy. It will probably take years for you to build your organization; it takes a TON of time, energy, commitment, leadership, organization, connections, outreach, and cold hard cash to grow a not-for-profit. Many newbies to this arena (again, not to belittle your efforts at all) are surprised by this–they think all it takes is a website with a message to build an empire of willing volunteers. This is, unfortunately, not reality. Best of luck to you with your endeavors!

  2. Laurel M. Ashley

    It is a shame and a disgrace that many lovely innocent dogs had to pay the price for this ignorant, wrong policy. At least now I hope you will amend it and put an end to ineffective and unjust BSL.